Aya Nitzan observes the open fields nearby. Along with a typological look at the familiar Israeli landscape, there is also a dreamlike impression.

The viewing experience is twofold: nearby and distant, approachable and inaccessible. The distance is created by the broad view of the horizon and the closeness is due to the soft light and sensuous substance.

The layered broad expanses are devoid of man's footprints and, while looking, one has the impression that time is standing still.

A certain tension exists between the intensity with which Aya Nitzan draws nature toward herself while gathering the images passionately, and the clean, clear, restrained end result.

The title 'By the Sea", intimates the close proximity of the open fields and the sea, even though the sea is not visible. It indicates the invisible border of open fields while at the same time it alludes to its finiteness and infinity.

Aya's fields are seen to depict nature as it is, in tandem with her inner landscapes, a specific place as well as every place


Curator, Nurit Yarden